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Time:2016-11-16 Author:admin

In response to a recent report, Shanghai ADUPS Technology Co., Ltd. has issued the following statement:


Shanghai ADUPS Technology Co., Ltd. provides professional Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) update services. We offer a cloud-based service, which includes cloud hosts and CDN service, and allows manufacturers to update all their device models. We serve smart device manufacturers, mobile operators, and semiconductor vendors worldwide.


To ensure ADUPS is providing the correct updates and services, we collect model information, device status, application information, bin/xbin information and summary information from phones and messages, and utilize the information to verify that the appropriate updates and services are sent to the correct devices. ADUPS utilizes https in the transmitting process and uses multiple encryption to ensure data safety. Since its founding, ADUPS FOTA has taken customer and user privacy very seriously.


In response to user demand to screen out junk texts and calls from advertisers, our client asked ADUPS to provide a way to flag junk texts and calls for users. We developed a solution for ADUPS FOTA application.


The customized version collects messages to identify junk texts using back-end aggregated data analysis in order to improve mobile phone experience. ADUPS FOTA application flags texts containing certain language associated with junk texts and flags numbers associated with junk calls and not in a user’s contacts.


In June 2016, some Blu Product, Inc. devices applied a version of the ADUPS FOTA application that inadvertently included the functionality of flagging junk texts and calls that had been requested by other ADUPS clients. When Blu raised objections, ADUPS took immediate measures to disable that functionality on Blu phones. ADUPS updated applications for Blu phones, and those phones have passed the Kryptowire test. ADUPS also confirmed that no information associated with that functionality, such as text messages, contacts, or phone logs, was disclosed to others and that any such information received from a Blu phone during that short period was deleted. In addition, ADUPS has been cooperating with Blu and Google to verify that such flagging of junk texts and calls does not happen in the updated versions of the firmware in Blu’s phones. Also, ADUPS has been working to further improve the privacy protections in its products. ADUPS sincerely apologizes to its partners and users. We will enhance process management and work to improve transparency, and deliver high-quality products and best service to provide the best possible data security for all our customers.


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