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Professional wireless update solutions for cell phones, wearable devices, smart homes, VR, and more

System Updates

Update firmware by delta package or full package.

Delta Updates
Small package, secure and little network flow. Fits devices with high-performance main chip, such as ARM Cortex A, and OS as Android/Linux graphic user interfaces to update.
Full Package Updates
Reliable and stable. Fits devices with main-chip as MCU, like ARM Cortex M, and OS as simplified RTOS to update.

System Optimization

It would promote user experience to keep devices stable and smooth by speeding up system, cleaning and application management.

Speed Up
Switch off applications to reduce CPU and storage.
Clean Up
Clean all trashes in system.
Application Management
Reminds user to delete apk after installation and remove residual files. Library of junk files exist both locally and in cloud.

Supports all major chip platforms

Supports all major chip platforms such as Qualcomm, MTK, SC, and more main-stream platforms.

Supports all connected Wireless devices

Supports all connected Wireless devices such as wearable devices, smart homes, vehicles. Available to Android, OS, Linux, and RTOS. Adups supports IoT devices such as Nordic, TI, and more.

High Efficient Delta Algorithm

Delta package is 30% smaller than Google's original delta, and 90% faster than normal update.

Smart Delta Tool

Support IMG package to make delta, no compilation of OTA package; reduces workload of version management and errors.

High Concurrency

Global cloud server cluster, supporting more than billions of user scale, more.

Flexible Update Strategy

Adups facilitates a mixed update strategy based on identifiers such as, locations, models, software versions, subsets, or even specific single devices.

Security And Stability

Adups has multiple security methods including up-to-date security algorithms, signatures, and verifications along with USB keys to secure all updates.


Professional DM solution currently being utilized by operators globally. Mature and professional DM solutions covering many operators, such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Softbank, Docomo, KDDI, and SKT.


OMA DM is a bunch of telecom protocols defined by OMA organization to standardize management of network devices. And Adups ADM is totally standard DM to meet requirements of operators in North America, Japan and Korea.

Device Management

It includes functions such as updating data, software, and firmware and managing applications, also it supports manufactures, device owners and individuals to manage devices.


Standard DM

Available to all DM operators globally, including ATT, VzW, Sprint, Softbank, DoCo Mo, KDDI and SKT.

Rich Project Experience

Can develop and customize procedures for operators rapidly, and has already covered many operators with experience for more than hundreds of projects.

Supporting Cross-platforms

All devices such as phone, tablets, modules, CPEs and so on; all platforms like ARM, X86 and so on; flexible design to minimize resource usage of system.

Strong Integrality And Compatibility

Flexible and open-sourced API is born for fast integration; compatible to OMA 1.2; Compatible to all OS such as Android, Linux, RTOS and Web OS; also available to main-stream DM servers. Beside that, we could provide servers for development and test.

Big Data

Professional big data management and analysis on cloud to promote data value.

Better FOTA Service

Provide better update services to our customers and users.

Better DM

Data management and analysis to more than billions of devices for better DM service.


Strong Data Management

Online and offline cloud cluster, hundreds of high-performance servers, which expand every 3 months; strong hardware scale to handle 50 T data every day.

Fine Data Operation

Based on big data analysis to know trends, distribution, types and other valuable data to realize fine operation.

High Quality Tech Accumulation

Rich experience on data collection, data cleaning, data analysis, algorithm, user portrait and operation.

Powerful Talents

Team comes from IBM, MS, Tencent, Baidu and so more famous companies, which brings strong management and business experience to mix 'open' culture in internet company and 'precise' culture in traditional IT company together.