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Updating notice

Time:2016-11-23 Author:admin

Recently, one organization notified us that Adups FOTA application has privilege vulnerabilities. Malicious attackers will get system privilege from this bug. To the users and partners who was effected by these vulnerabilities, we deeply disturbing and sincerely apologrize. We released updated version for Adups FOTA 5.5 immediately, this version has been certified by Google Security Team and Chinese well-known third party organization Buzz Lab. Related partners and users please update to Adups FOTA 5.5.

Meanwhile we have also carried out the following amending:

1. Later version users will be able to automatically update the patch bug through FOTA, at the expected date on November 23rd, 2016.

2. We provide bug patch tools for the partners and users to repair automaticlly or manually. Patch tools will be available at

3. To ensure all the users to get the updated patch as soon as possible, we will ask support from the third party, who will notify the users to amend the patch through the third party.